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PMS 2000
     Can PMS 2000 be a PMS Host ?

PMS 2000 has been proven to work with major host systems. Moreover, PMS 2000 by itself can work as standard-alone host. In the event that a PMS link is down or malfunctioning, user can still perform all the basic PMS functionalities such as check-in, check-out, wake-up call, do not disturb and etc.

     PMS 2000 for Windows

PMS 2000 is a gateway between h Hotel Property Management System (PMS), PBX, Voice Mail, and Pay TV system, etc. It can literally integrate with any of the available system on the market. Depending on the PMS, the integration can support automatic guest check-in, check-out, wake-up calls, as well as many other features such as text/fax message notification, telephone bill and mini-bar posting.

     Who uses PMS 2000 ?

PMS 2000 is an internationally compatible product and is widely used in various countries such as Taiwan , China , Singapore , Indonesia , and by major hospitals and hotels. The system has been a great and reliable performer in all respects of operation.

     Room Status and Mini-bar

Housekeeper is allowed to call system and post the room status. The housekeeper can also key in the consumed food items for the mini-bar posting, allowing guest folio report sent to front desk.

Host Integration
  • Display 50 room status per screen.
  • Support up to 4 extensions per room.
  • Easy administration through graphical user interface.
  • Guest scheduled wake-up call.
  • Display total phone charges per room on the screen.
  • Room status update over the telephone by housekeeper (maid-locator).
  • Telephone charge posting and reports.
  • Mini-bar and Pay TV posting.
  • Advanced filtering criteria for report analysis.
  • Message Received from Host

    1. Check-In
    2. Check-Out
    3. Room Change
    4. Wake-up Call
    5. Telephone Disabled
    6. Message
    7. Do Not Disturb
    8. Cancel Wake-up Call
    9. Cancel Message
    10. Cancel Do Not disturb

  • Message Sent to Host

    1. Mini-bat and Pay TV posting
    2. Telephone bill posting
    3. Room status change
Pay TV Integration
  • Query

    1. Room Status
    2. Wake-up Call
    3. Telephone Bill
  • Setup

    1. Check-In
    2. Check-Out
    3. Change Room
    4. Wake-up Call
    5. Message
    6. Do Not Disturb

  • Report

    1. Guest Information
    2. Guest Telephone Bill
    3. Detail & Summary Report
  • Message Received from Pay TV

    1. Pay TV posting

  • Message Sent to Pay TV

    1. Check-In
    2. Check-Out
    3. Message
    4. Folio
Applied Customers
  • Hotel
  • Hospital
  • Business Center