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AMS International Limited is an international group specialized in developing telephone billing system. Founded in 1995, AMS has offices in Hong Kong and Taiwan, employing only highly qualified and dedicated engineers. AMS has a solid relationship with major PBX dealers, carriers, and has an authorized distributor network in the Southeast Asia. With multiple language capability, our products are exported to different countries and mainly used by large corporations such as banks, carriers, universities and companies with extensive telephone usage... (more)


CAS 2000 is an effective management tool that reduces monthly telephone expenses, saves time, establishes control, and enables managers to optimize usage of the telephone system facilities.... (more)


Product DM
CAS2000   CASMSPS   PMS2000    ACD2000   TFC 2000

Tarrif Rate
Cas7.0-7.1   Cas7.2+   ... (more)